Bywater Timms Lawyers Guiding Code

We have formulated a Guiding Code that governs the internal behaviour of our team of lawyers to ensure that you get the best results possible from our services. 

Support the Team

We work as a team at Bywaters Timms Lawyers. That means we support each other where necessary. We will do what is necessary to get the job done. If that means our lawyers need to bind documents – then they will bind documents. No one is above doing the menial tasks if that is what is needed to be done.

We do not say anything or act in any way that would be detrimental to the team either internally or externally. Trust, honesty and respect for each other is paramount.

Celebrate success

Everyone likes to be recognised when they succeed. It may be winning a case for a client or mastering a new skill. Whether large or small, all success should be celebrated and congratulated. We look for opportunities to celebrate.

Meet time limits

We are governed by time. If we promise to respond to a client by a certain time then we will do that or we will contact the client before the time is reached to explain why we cannot meet the deadline and set a new acceptable deadline.

Use plain English

Use of outdated legalistic language will not happen at Bywaters Timms Lawyers. All our communications and documents are in plain English. "herewith", "heretofore" and every "notwithstanding" will not be seen in any of our documents (except of course this one!).

Communicate with clients

We will keep clients updated on their matters, whether or not there has been any progress.

Keep up-to-date and strive to improve

All team members are encouraged to attend any relevant seminars or courses so they keep up to date in their areas of expertise. We believe in nurturing and developing our people which will ultimately lead to the growth of the firm.

Promote the firm

In all actions by all team members, the promotion of the firm must be considered. Opportunities must be seized when available to further the recognition and reputation of the firm which in turn leads to growth within the firm.

Deal with problems as they arise

Don't put off tackling an issue. No matter how big or small, all problems must be dealt with so larger ones don't develop.

Nurture long-term relationships

In all our dealings, we foster long term relationships. Whether it is with clients, suppliers or colleagues, we believe that long term relationships are the key to success.

For clients, we take the time to get to know their businesses and the way they do business as best we can so that we can give more in depth, relevant advice.

For suppliers, if we show loyalty to them, then we believe that loyalty will be shown in return.

For colleagues, we are available to give advice or support if needed.

Give attention to detail at all times

We must remember that we are lawyers. That means that we have to pay attention to the smallest of details in everything we do. Each member of the team strives to give the minutest attention to detail for even the smallest of tasks.

Keep team members challenged

There is nothing worse than boredom. It leads to an unhappy team. We gradually increase responsibility and delegate authority to help with growth of individuals and to constantly keep them challenged in their work.

Have fun

We must enjoy what we do and life in general. We don't live to work. We work reasonable hours so that time is left to enjoy our personal lives. Our team members are encouraged to take regular holidays. Laughing and joking is encouraged in the office!


Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation
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