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Privacy Policy

Bywaters Timms Lawyers-Privacy Statement

Protecting Your Privacy

Bywaters Timms seeks to provide you with the highest level of expertise and service. From time to time, by the nature of our relationship, we come into possession of information particular to you or your business. Our commitment to service includes protection of that information-protection of your privacy.

Bywaters Timms provides a range of legal services to its clients, and for that purpose needs to collect personal information from or about you. This may include name(s), date of birth, marital or employment status, driver’s licence number, bank details or details of income.

Much of this information is necessary for the efficient provision of the services you require of us.

We may even require from you personal details of persons known to you, for example, personal representatives or Attorneys. In this case, we ask that you advise them of the passing on of that information, and the fact that we can be contacted at any time for discussion regarding same.

Some organizations may gather personal information from third parties or government instrumentalities (for example, the Credit Reference Association). Generally, we will source all relevant personal information from you, or at your direction. We may, from time to time depending on the legal work performed, be legally required to obtain information about you (a property search for example). You will be advised of that requirement.

We use your personal information for two reasons only. For the purpose of the efficient undertaking of the work you require of us, and to further promote our services to you (for example through Newsletters or this website). We of course welcome the opportunity to promote your businesses through ours at your discretion.

To facilitate the work you require of us, we may be required to disclose your personal information to other people of entities. This may include for example a bank or other lender, another State or Federal authority (rate enquiries for example), other parties to an action (as required and as advised to you). This information is only provided to others in the exercise of our discretion and for the sole purpose of your requirements.

You may always access your personal information held by us. Indeed, we welcome regular checking and updating of the information provided.

If you have any questions relating to privacy, please contact us on (7) 32295977 at any time between 8.30 am and 5pm weekdays.


All material on this website including but not limited to text, graphics and some of the photographs is subject to copyright.
We are happy for you to reproduce the material contained in the articles for your personal and non-commercial purposes or for purposes permitted by law provided the reproduction is unaltered and the source of the material is attributed to us. Any other use of the material is not permitted without our prior written consent.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) is not just about recycling paper.

It is considering the firm’s impact on, and its responsibility for, its employees, customers, suppliers, other stakeholders, the environment and the broader community.

CSR can be broken into 4 headings – environment, workplace, community & marketplace. Here is what we are doing:


  • Double sided printing by default
  • Recycle paper
  • Staff work from home offices
  • Electricity usage monitored
  • Completed files are scanned and the paper is recycled


  • EEO policies
  • Bullying protection
  • Flexible work hours and working from home options
  • Guiding Code to ensure supportive workplace environment and emphasis on team happiness and high staff morale


  • Pro bono work for community organisations
  • Charity drives for our pro bono clients
  • Support for disadvantaged
  • Support for client initiatives in community work


  • Ethics liaison network
  • Higher learning support through paid staff training days
  • Suppliers selected with CSR compatible policies where possible
  • Disseminating to clients our CSR objectives

Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation
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