Wills and Estate Planning

...it's all about family.  Will your children and grandchildren get the most out of your family wealth? 

The team at Bywaters Timms can give you top quality estate planning advice including up to date professional advice on:

  • Sophisticated Testamentary Trusts with strategies for dealing with challenges many families are faced with
  • Options in estate or succession planning
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Enduring powers of attorney
  • Advanced Heath Directives
  • Administration of deceased estates                    
  • Family Trusts
  • Applications for Probate
  • Contested Wills
  • Challenging a Will
  • Disputing a Will
  • Family Provision Claims
  • Elder Law
  • Health Law
  • Business Succession Agreements

..AND we will do all this in a friendly, down to earth (excuse the pun!) way that the client can understand, without legal jargon.

Questions for your estate planning documents

  • Does your Will allow your beneficiaries to save the hidden taxes that can arise from a deceased estate, or protect their inheritance from being inadvertently lost or decreased?
  • Is there potential under your Will for an inadvertent unequal division between your children?
  • Do you believe your superannuation and family trust assets are adequately covered?
  • Do you think the assets in your Family Trust are adequately covered?  Who do think will control your Trust?
  • Is there any protection under your Will from being squandered by immature or vulnerable kids?
  • Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?
  • If not, who do you think will have the power to make medical and financial decisions for you if you were to lose your ability through illness or accident to make your own decisions?

Examples of some of those challenges are, providing for "blended families", children with disabilities and dealing with the difficulties of saving the family wealth from being "blown" by an immature or vulnerable beneficiaries.

We are happy to work with our clients' accountants, financial planners and other professional advisors so that their legal, financial and family issues are properly and comprehensively addressed.

What we recommend for our clients is strategies that will give certainty that their wishes will be carried out and ensure control of their wealth is in the right hands. 

Through careful planning and the right advice, potential for interference from disgruntled family members is hopefully reduced.  Although one can never guarantee what family will do!  But if they do claim, then we are here to bat for our clients' wishes to be carried out.

Why use a specialist estate planner? Because modern wills can greatly increase the value of your kids' inheritance!  Talk to us about how




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